Preparing the holiday home for weekenders

A neatly laid holiday home bedroom
A neatly laid holiday home bedroom

Weekends are a time of relaxation and social gatherings, filled with parties, celebrations and other events. For holiday home owners, in contrast, these are the days to welcome guests looking for a short and enjoyable break.

Holiday home owners need to be realistic about plans and programs for the weekend. Here are some guidelines to host successful weekend breaks for your guests:

1. Register the number of people or bookings during the weekends, the expected date, the time of arrival and departure, and whether they have requested for any other needs. Here, ensure that you have marked the dates on‘s reservation calendar. After you have a clear number, go ahead and check if your guests have any preferences or requests.

2. Make all the necessary arrangements for the comfort of your guests during their visit; make adequate sleeping arrangements for adults as well as children. Bigger suites should be appropriately furnished.


3.  Everything should be in place hours before the guest arrives. If you are providing toiletries like soaps, napkins, and towels, make sure that they are neatly packaged and are in their designated areas.

4. If you have a caretaker on duty, make a special itinerary for weekends when there are festivals or events. If there are children visiting, you can ask the caretaker to plan outdoor activities. The guests should really feel special if they are visiting your holiday home during a festival.

5. Finally, make all the necessary security arrangements and ensure all locks, keys and other devices are functioning properly to ensure the comfort of your guests.

6. Moreover if you can offer a holiday with lots of fun activities, it will feel like heaven to your guests. Even better than customer satisfaction, is customer delight.

Delighted customers will go on to tell other people how much they liked your holiday home. Word-of-mouth advertising is important for any holiday home owner, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new guests to your property. And honest testimonials are the most credible form of advertising. So go ahead, put your best foot forward!

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