Using and benefiting from TripVillas’ Newly Launched ‘Book Now’ Facility

Book Now Button
Print screen of how the BOOK NOW button will appear in your listing when enabled.

In case of the vacation rental booking instant booking is unheard of owing to the nature of the business which is many ways different from the hotel industry primarily the time required from when the traveler decides on an accommodation to the time he gets a confirmed booking. As such, owners lose several hundreds of travelers who look to book instantly. Plus travelers today are used to visiting a travel website, book a hotel room and get a confirmed voucher in their inbox in just a matter of minutes.

However after several months of research and testing, TripVillas, the largest holiday home rental website of Asia, has recently launched the BOOK NOW facility enabling direct bookings, becoming the first website in the holiday home rental sector to give both owners and travelers that added advantage.


If ‘Book Now’ is enabled for your property, you should have already received an email from TripVillas’ support team alerting you to the same. All you need to do is log in to your account and on your dashboard click on “My Properties.” There on your property you will see a “Book Now” button that will be Red. This means your “Book Now” facility is disabled. If you click on the same the button will be enabled and will turn green.

For those who are wondering how enabling the BOOK NOW facility of your holiday home will help you apart from the fact that travelers can book their accommodation instantly, owners who enable “Book Now” will show up on the partner websites. TripVillas will compensate these websites from our 20% commission which includes all payment gateway charges, commissions, etc.


When you have enabled the “BOOK NOW” button, you will be able to set your daily rental rate. While many may feel that this is a limitation (because you will not be able to set seasonal or weekend rates) actually to be able to set a single daily rate will help you to eliminate any confusion.


First of all, don’t enable BOOK NOW unless you are 100 percent sure. Also first check your property’s quality score on your dashboard. If it’s low strive to hit a higher score by adding new and better photographs and their captions and most importantly keeping your availability calendar up to date.

Secondly, if you have any doubts in your mind, please note that all BOOK NOW reservations are 100 percent confirmed. TripVillas collects the entire booking amount before confirming the same to you and the traveler. Once the traveler has checked-in visit the Payout section and once you request for the amount eligible to be paid to you, TripVillas will do the same immediately.

Most importantly, if you have enabled the BOOK NOW button and a traveler has booked your property, you will not be able to cancel it. So make sure that you are prepared to take instant reservations. Because you will need to update the availability calendar regularly, unless you have some amount of time to devote on doing so, don’t enable BOOK NOW reservation facility.