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Everybody is welcome in The Dominican republic. Here is the Rule for getting Residential Status

Citizenship law in the Dominican Republic mirrors its kin: warm and open. Everybody is welcome, whether for business or joy, and numerous can acquire residency or citizenship.

As a foreign national, you are either, “non-resident” or “resident”. Nonresidents are the individuals who plan to stay in the nation for a constrained time for a specific reason, for example, business or delight. A Resident is an outside national who is staying …

Dominican Republic Property Buying Rule

The Dominican Republic is a warm welcoming country if you want to invest in real estate. There are no restriction placed, if you want to buy a country here. In fact, Government enjoys benefit of foreigners investing as it positively contributes to the country’s development. There are also no restriction on buying beach-front assets.

You may hold the title in your own name or in Dominican Republic company name, while …

Living as Expat in Bahamas, then here are the Laws and Procedure regarding buying a property in Bahamas.

Living in Bahamas give expats a chance to explore Carribean with lots of corner to explore. Also its proximity to USA makes it a best place to invest for second home.

Here are some Laws and Procedure regarding buying a property in Bahamas.

Foreigners may acquire residential property upto 5 acres without any prior government approval, but these act must be registered with International Persons Landholding Act. Buyers for second …

Want to get Bahamas Citizenship, then you are just a few formalities away

Bahamian citizenship is given to persons who are:

  • Born in The Bahamas to wedded parents, with either of parents being a Bahamian national.
  • Born to an un-wedded Bahamian female in or outside of The Bahamas.
  • Born outside of The Bahamas to a wedded Bahamian male who was not born outside The Bahamas.
  • Adopted by a wedded Bahamian male.
  • Adopted by a single Bahamian female.

All other foreign nationals who …

Establishing Residency in Bahamas

Establishing Residency in Bahamas

Firstly, why would you want to establish Residency in the Bahamas?

A quick summary – tax – Bahamas is one of the few places combining access to the United States with Zero income tax and Western Values and Freedoms. In addition it offers significantly mature banking infrastructure, the company of many ‘tax exiles’ and the sun, sandy, tennis – the many pleasures of the independently wealthy. A good way to

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

Retirement moneyIt ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear and suffered gigantic equity drops on the home they spent 25+ years paying for each month.  We’re part of the Baby Boomers generation that had so many opportunities in the last part of the last century, only to see it pretty much crumble over the last

Are you Really cut out to Retire or Relocate Abroad?

Retiring abroadOn an average, thousands leave their countries each year to go in search of a new life abroad with most leaving their countries being retirees looking for a golden retirement in the sun. So are you planning to be one of them in the near future and thinking about whether you should look elsewhere for your retirement home?

The reality which most people underestimate is that this big step can

Find out How Much Money You Need to Retire

Retirement planning

Simplify your retirement planning by breaking it down into two important principals — make sure you are saving enough toward your retirement and that you have no housing expenses then.

Whatever our age, we need to plan our retirement – there is no argument to that. Whether we start planning early or late in life if we don’t take a calculated approach, we just might end up either in debt

Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world

Happiness, a very strong word that just by reading it makes your mind flow with good memories and laughter. However happiness is a relative term, because what for me being happy might be to stare at the waves of the ocean for you might be to eat your favorite dessert. We all struggle to find happiness and every human being on the planet makes decisions based on this statement. So

Ambergris Caye a Holiday Home Paradise in the Caribbean, Now Made famous by John McAfee

With the entire world media setting eyes on John McAffee, the American anti-virus pioneer, the island of Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize in western Caribbean has also become a household name. McAffee is on the run after he was named the prime suspect in the murder of an American expatriate, Gregory Faull, who was shot and killed recently at his home on the island of Ambergris Caye.


Costa Rica’s Real Estate Market in a Nutshell

Costa Rica has been well know around the world for its beauty, tranquility and stable economy and for years has been the top destination for foreigners. It became fashionable and many have decided to invest and build their dream holiday home in this beautiful country.

For some  it is still their dream and there is a lot of beautiful properties in the market, from villas, farm houses, condos and ultra

Come Experience the Aroma of the ‘Golden Bean’ in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica CoffeeCosta Rica is known around the world for producing amazing coffee and many coffee lovers will travel to Costa Rica just to experience and drink this amazing beverage.

The entire country and culture is centered around coffee. We might even compare it to the love for tea expressed by the English, or the passion for spices in India. If you go to Costa Rica you might encounter a Tico inviting

Understanding the Residency laws of Costa Rica

Costa Rica visasAt the time of making the decision on wanting to live in a foreign country, there might be a lot of questions that might cross your mind: Is the country secure? Would I be able to find a job? And the most important, What do I need to do to apply for a residency visa?

As we all know, each country has its own laws and regulations, some countries are

Buying a Property in Costa Rica as a Foreign National


Costa Rica beachfront property

View of a beachfront property in Costa Rica

Acquiring a property in a foreign country may seem an impossible task or even a dream and it can become a very stressful process, especially if you consider some risk factors like language barriers and unfamiliarity with the country’s laws. Ii is a big decision and might be, for some, the biggest decision of their lives! But, I am here to

Costa Rica – an Overview of the Splendors in the Land of the Ticos

Pura Vida (Pure life), a more typical Costa Rican saying you will not find elsewhere! Used in every form and shape by the warm and life loving people from Costa Rica called “Ticos” for short.

It can be used for greeting, showing your appreciation about someone or something, saying goodbye, and just giving off a good vibe.

If Latin America had a heart, it would definitely be Costa Rica. Due