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Want to have your own Property in Montenegro, here is what you have to follow

Montenegro, “The Hidden Pearl of the Mediterranean”, is surely a diverse and beautiful country. Emerging in tourism in recent years, covered with dense forest and jaw-dropping glacial lakes, Montenegro is full of surprise.

Let’s look at the Laws and Procedures governing buying a property of  this International home destination

There is no restriction on buying and selling property, both commercial and residential, in Montenegro and is as easy as for …

3 ways to obtain Gibraltar Residential Visa

Gibraltar, a British overseas territory and is a new hot location for wealthy private individuals who are looking for new country for residence. Gibraltar offers compelling tax and real estate planning benefits to the individuals looking for new way of living and changing lifestyle. If you are looking for favorable tax regime you may want to look for benefits that Gibraltar is offering.

Following are the various options available to …

Buying Property in Gibraltar, here’s what you have to follow.

Less than three hours from the UK by airways, the wedge-shaped lump of limestone at the bottom of Spain, is a beautiful place to have a second home and live after retirement, has been a British colony since the 18th Century. And although it is warmth  by  sun 300 days a year, its  new attractive tax system that allure most to this self-governing territory.

Let’s look at the Procedure and

Challenges for Americans thinking about Retirement Outside of the US

Retirement moneyIt ain’t like it used to be. Today’s retirees look at the 401K savings they worked so hard on over the years nearly disappear and suffered gigantic equity drops on the home they spent 25+ years paying for each month.  We’re part of the Baby Boomers generation that had so many opportunities in the last part of the last century, only to see it pretty much crumble over the last

Are you Really cut out to Retire or Relocate Abroad?

Retiring abroadOn an average, thousands leave their countries each year to go in search of a new life abroad with most leaving their countries being retirees looking for a golden retirement in the sun. So are you planning to be one of them in the near future and thinking about whether you should look elsewhere for your retirement home?

The reality which most people underestimate is that this big step can