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Holiday Homes in the Philippines -What they would cost to buy?

Despite the rise and popularity of condominium units in the Philippines these days, not everyone living in the Philippines is willing to shell out money to own a small piece of a high-rise building. There are still those who want their property in the Philippines to be the traditional house set on their own land. So for those looking to get more than just building space, you can’t go wrong Read the rest “Holiday Homes in the Philippines -What they would cost to buy?”

Creating Enforceable Holiday Home Rules for Guests

Creating Enforceable Holiday Home Rules for Guests

Holiday home rental invariably means you will be opening the doors of your house – that represent significant monetary and sentimental value – to guests whom you definitely haven’t met before. So trust is the first factor that decides whether you would be renting your property to a set of guests or not. You will definitely have a list of dos and don’ts for guests, which you would like them Read the rest “Creating Enforceable Holiday Home Rules for Guests”

Top 5 Locations to Buy Holiday Properties in the Philippines

So you are planning for a nice long holiday out of the country and, after going through a lot of brochures and promotional videos, you were convinced that “It’s more fun in the Philippines” and decided that it is the place to go. With 7, 107 islands, you are now faced with a tiny little problem. Where do I stay? Where is the best place to rent holiday homes in Read the rest “Top 5 Locations to Buy Holiday Properties in the Philippines”

Registering a Business in the Philippines

For expats living in the Philippines, employment is not the only option. In fact, another lucrative option is set up your own business. Of course, not everyone knows how to do this. That’s where things become a bit tricky. To register a business, you’ll need to go through a meticulous process of preparing the necessary documentation and paying the required fees. While the ability to register a company may take Read the rest “Registering a Business in the Philippines”

Restrictions Imposed by Co-operative Housing Societies and HOAs on Guesthouses / Vacation Rentals

If your property is located within a gated community managed by a Co-operative housing society or a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) there may be numerous restrictions which might come between you and your holiday home rental business. We have seen various forms of this including restrictions on operating a guesthouse or bed and breakfast, to restrictions on rentals below a certain duration to requiring that all tenants are approved by a Read the rest “Restrictions Imposed by Co-operative Housing Societies and HOAs on Guesthouses / Vacation Rentals”

Offshore companies as tax shelters

I want to today touch upon a topic which can be used by many of us to protect our wealth and grow at the same time. A few key quotes about finance that I want to share with you all first. Things that I keep in mind whenever I look at any investments:-

1. A big difference between how governments tax individuals and how they tax companies – Individuals are Read the rest “Offshore companies as tax shelters”

Obtaining Malaysian Residency and Employment Visa

Malaysia resident visaTo apply for permanent residency in Malaysia one must first stay in the country continuously for at least 5 years under a valid Entry Permit, or at least 10 years in the case of foreign husbands of Malaysian citizens. Any foreign person over the age of 21 can apply to the National Registration Department to become a citizen of Malaysia by naturalization if they have been a permanent resident for Read the rest “Obtaining Malaysian Residency and Employment Visa”

Offshore banking – what it is, pros and cons

Hi everyone, As someone who has been an international businessman and traveler for many decades I have always wondered why something like offshore banking which is advertised and is a product of most international banks like HSBC, Standard Chartered, ANZ, Barclays etc. is so widely misunderstood and confused by a lot of people. Many people feel that Offshore banking is only to be used by those who have illegal money Read the rest “Offshore banking – what it is, pros and cons”

Obtaining Singapore Residency and Employment Pass

Singapore immigrationAlthough, most foreigners become Singapore permanent residents after working in the country for 6 months to 5 years, there are other ways to getting a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status. Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) visa permits foreigners to stay in Singapore legally without any visa restrictions. As a holder of a Singapore Permanent Resident visa, you will have the privilege to freely move in and out of Singapore and you Read the rest “Obtaining Singapore Residency and Employment Pass”

Retiring in Singapore – rules and incentives

Without doubt Singapore offers much to do and its healthcare and medical standards are extremely high, and the streets are safe. Given these reasons, it’s understandable that the country is a favorite among expats seeking to live and work there. However, Singapore is not the ideal destination for retirees on a budget. There are no retirement visas available to live in Singapore and it is very difficult for people to Read the rest “Retiring in Singapore – rules and incentives”

Buying property in Singapore as a foreign national

Before we go into the details of an expat buying a property in Singapore we need to take a look at the newly introduced taxes on residential property purchases. A couple of months back, to curb excessive investment by foreign buyers, the Singaporean government has announced that foreign buyers will now have to pay an extra 10% stamp duty. Even permanent residents purchasing a second home and for citizens buying Read the rest “Buying property in Singapore as a foreign national”

Buying a property in UAE – an overview

Buying a property in UAE – an overview

There are seven emirates in the UAE with most property interest focused on Dubai. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, regional and international buyers still invest enthusiastically, enjoying the easy payment terms and impressive tax-free resale returns that property in the country offers. In Abu Dhabi foreigners can only buy in designated areas on 99 year leases while in Sharjah they are only permitted to buy leasehold Read the rest “Buying a property in UAE – an overview”

Retiring in Dubai – rules

While many people do retire to Dubai, the emirate is not the ideal destination to spend one’s sunset years. The cost of living is high and without a permanent resident visa available for non-working expatriates, the very suggestion of retirement is perhaps does not come across as a good idea. Dubai is not a cheap option with real estate experts predicting house prices in the emirate to soon match or Read the rest “Retiring in Dubai – rules”

How You Can Get a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa

How You Can Get a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa

No doubt, despite its fairly high cost of living, Dubai is still seen as of of the top destinations for employment. So if working and staying in Dubai entice you, here is the right article for you on how to obtain a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa.

Residence visas in Dubai are administered by the Immigration Department which is referred to as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Read the rest “How You Can Get a Dubai Residence and Employment Visa”

Buying property in Dubai as a foreigner

Buying property in Dubai as a foreigner

Dubai real estate marketDubai’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and sub-tropical climate have always attracted second home buyers and retirees to settle here. But after the Dubai government’s passing of the long-awaited law allowing foreign freehold ownership of properties in the emirate in March 2006, Dubai has seen a marked interest from foreign property buyers, particularly Europeans, as a major investment destination. Today a foreign national can buy a freehold property in the emirate in areas Read the rest “Buying property in Dubai as a foreigner”

Retiring in Malaysia – MM2H rules and benefits

Owing to Malaysia’s warm tropical climate, inviting shorelines of pure white sands, friendly locals, low cost of living, excellent healthcare facilities, great roads, and cheap transport, the country has been a retiree’s preferred location to spend his sunset years. And that’s not all! Malaysia government’s Malaysia, my 2nd home programme has a lot to offer for foreigners who want to spend their life in a relaxed environment.

Since most foreign Read the rest “Retiring in Malaysia – MM2H rules and benefits”

Buying property in Malaysia – special emphasis on foreigners

Malaysia My Second HomeOf late there has been talks of the Malaysian government toying with the idea of doubling the entry price at which foreigners can buy property in the country from RM500,000 (about £100,000) to RM1 million. The new rules have not yet been implemented, and so currently it is relatively cheap to buy a house or apartment in Malaysia.

There are several reasons why foreign nationals choose Malaysia as their investment Read the rest “Buying property in Malaysia – special emphasis on foreigners”

Obtaining Indonesian Residency and Employment Visa


Before we take a look at the requirement of obtaining a residency and employment visa of Indonesia, let us first look at the different types of resident visas issued by the government of Indonesia. Ideally there are four types of resident visas issued by the government of Indonesia:

VITAS or VBS: This is a limited-stay visa or semi-permanent residence visa. Ideally a foreigner hired by an Indonesian company is Read the rest “Obtaining Indonesian Residency and Employment Visa”

Obtaining an Indonesia Retirement Visa

Indonesia retirement visaFor foreign nationals who have reached the age 55 years and their countries are included in the 55 countries obtaining retirement visa facility from the government of Indonesia, they can use the Retirement Visa to stay in the country for 1 year and can subsequently obtain the KITAS card from the immigration office.

This retirement visa may be extended every year for 6 consecutive years and afterwards they can obtain Read the rest “Obtaining an Indonesia Retirement Visa”

Guide to Property Buying in Indonesia as a Foreigner


Foreign nationals who wish to purchase property in Indonesia can experience some difficulties navigating the confusing Indonesian laws pertaining to property ownership. In this article, we will explain the law regarding property and outline what options foreigners have to own land rights in Indonesia.

Under the Land Code of Indonesia, Hak Pakai is a Rights of Usage or leasehold.  An individual foreigner is entitled to own land with the status Read the rest “Guide to Property Buying in Indonesia as a Foreigner”