Cotton fabric tents to add value to your property


Whether it is just two friends on an overnight hike or a family of five spending a week at the campground, choosing the right fabric tent is of great importance to ensure that any outdoor excursion is a fun-filled adventure. Even for vacation homes when you have a large group staying in your home you can flaunt a cotton fabric tent near the pool and let your guests enjoy their brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Because fabric tents come in a variety of weights, sizes, shapes and designs; the selection process can be confusing and overwhelming. In an exclusive interview to Holiday Home Times, Dinesh Jain, CEO of Sri Srimal Exports tells us about his company’s range of fabric tents, their pricing, how to maintain them and how they can add value to your property.

The interview…

Tell us something about your company? How long have you been in this business of manufacturing tents?
We are manufacturing Varieties of tents since 1968. Amongst these varieties, shamiana and military tents were the major production and were primarily for Indian markets and government supplies. However for the last 15 years we have been manufacturing other types of traditional cotton tents such as Pergola, Pavilion, Raj, etc. in different sizes. Srisirmal Exports is dealing with the exporting of these tents to countries such as USA, UK, Australia, etc.

What are the various uses of these tents?
Originally the tents were primarily used by the Kings for Hunting in the Jungles. But now, the scene has changed and tents are now being pitched at vacation homes, resorts, motels, etc. as accommodation for the visitors and tourists. Foreign tourists prefer to stay in such tented accommodation and these accommodations pitch the tents as per the requirement. After the season, the tents are packed and kept in store for the next season. Many hospitality organizations who provide outdoor activities like rafting, trekking, mountaineering, angling, etc. are finding these tents very useful. In addition, we manufacture the Tents which can be used as Reception, Dining Hall, Exhibition, etc.

What are the sizes in which these tents that you manufacture? What about the fabric and designs available?
The various tents we manufacture are:
(a) Pergola – Square Type (sizes: 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m or 5m x 5m)
(b) Pavilion – Octagonal type (sizes: 4m or 5m or 6m)
(c) Raj tent – Rectangular type (size: 6m x 4m)
(d) Maharaja – Rectangular type (size 10m x 6m)
(e) Swiss Cottage Tent (size: 28’x 14’ (room 14’x 14’), (bathroom and front open veranda 14’x 7’)
(f) Raj Durbar Tent (size 12m x 12m)

Not only these, we can manufacture any type of tent designed by the customer of any size. For example, we have manufacture exhibition tent of 20m x 10m on heavy iron structure. About the fabrics we use, generally, the exterior will have cotton canvas with water repellent finishing, and interior sheeting fabric with design print (screen/ wood block) along with scalloping, tassels, wood stoppers, ropes and iron pegs, etc.

Why do you think fabric tents are better than the other varieties available in the market?
Firstly, they are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Take for instance, if you have a pool in your backyard, you can easily erect one and have breakfast or lunch beside the pool. Instead of having deck chairs under the full blast of the sun, you can stay comfortably inside these tents. Also tents for barbecue parties are very handy. These tents can be erected easily without even any professional help and add to the glamour of your house. Also because they are available in various sizes, they can easily fit it even in the smallest of area.

What is the durability of these tents? Do you provide any warranty/ guarantee on your products?
For the manufacturing defects (rarely) we provide replacement as per our terms and conditions, but we can give no guarantee as the materials used are mainly cotton based. However, we assure our tents are very stable if properly maintained.

What much maintenance is required for these tents?
These tents don’t require not much maintenance. Simply avoid mishandling and when erected keep the tent fully tight so that water is not stagnant on the top of the tent. General cleaning will suffice.

What are the climatic conditions that suit the tents you manufacture?
Our tents can withstand all weather conditions. If needed we provide the tents which can be fitted with the air conditioners also.

Tell us about the pricing of these tents. If I want to buy a tent to be erected in my backyard, on an average how much investment is required?
The rates depend on the size, type of fame (iron or bamboo), fabrics, etc. Since we offer customised sizes, designs and fabrics, we can give the best price to buyers. If the buyer can tell us the purpose of the tent to be put in your backyard and the space available to put up, we can accordingly suggest the type of tent he should go for and the approximate cost of that tent.

On an average how much time is required to set up these tents?
Again depends on the size of the tent. A pergola can be set up in about an hour. But Exhibition Tent 44’ x 27’ may take about 20 to 30 hours.

Tell us how wide your sales network is. Where can one buy these tents in India?
We have no sales network at present. We take orders on our email ( ) and over the telephone (+91-0291-2740801, +91-92149-94054, 98293-60028). Having said that we can send the tent to anywhere in the world. The pitching instructions come along with the tent so the customer can fix it by himself. However, on additional cost we can send personnel to fix it at the destination, which is however not necessary. And finally, we insist our customers to have the quality tent and not budget type although we can provide.