Effective maintenance of your holiday home when vacant

Holiday home maintenance
Effective maintenance of a holiday home is very important

Owning a holiday home is always a matter of pride. But maintain it poorly and it will weigh you down. Make sure your home is always clean and well-protected.

Holiday home owners tend to lock the doors and go away until they arrive next time. However this time between visits is an excellent opportunity to tighten all loose ends like repairing fittings, servicing doors and window locks, replacing tiles or purchasing new furniture.

While leaving your holiday home vacant, you can give your neighbours a key (of course, only if they are trustworthy enough!) so that they can carry out inspections at regular intervals. Leave a small space open for cross ventilation as it can become clammy in the winter season.

It’s always a clever idea to hire an agency, which provides professional services related to the maintenance of the home. Maintenance service providers usually provide a wide range of services which are really effective.

Here are some types of maintenance service providers:

On- Call Property Maintenance:

Here, service providers cater to urgent situations concerning on-the-spot and small repairs. You can avail of this service around the year where minor things are handled independently without any prior consultation. This service is very effective for weekend guests, who can call service providers to resolve small issues.

Regular Property Maintenance Package:

As an owner you should always subscribe to this maintenance package to avoid any unforeseen contingency. This package generally includes general servicing, repairing or replacement of broken items like appliances, furniture, fabric, carpets, inside the premises. You can also include gardening in the package.

Skilled or Special Maintenance Package:

Owners can avail of this service by booking in advance. Here a team of specialists carries out the work in an efficient manner. Electrical engineers, plumbers, masons, carpenters and workers handling glass, fall under this category. Ask for prior quotations before hiring them.

Moreover, for property isolated or away from areas of activity, holiday owners can keep tension at bay by installing security alarms. A good rapport with the security personnel in the areas close to your holiday home can be beneficial as they can keep an eye on your home.

It’s also important that you carefully customize your needs according to the place where you holiday home is located and consider various geographical factors before going ahead with any decision.