Updating your holiday home ad according to different seasons

Seasonlising holiday home advertisement
Seasonalise your holiday home listing - describe the various hues of nature's various hues in your location!

It goes without saying that the number of bookings a holiday home will get depends on the advertisement you as the owner puts up in a holiday rental website. Unless the owner is intelligent enough to seasonlise even the best of properties might fail to attract guests. So where does one go wrong?

Here are some areas which need to be looked at before you publish your holiday home advertisement:

1.  Identify the tourist season: Every location invariably has a peak tourist season and an off-season. For a holiday home owner it is very important to know the tourist calendar. Once you have identified this, find out what a guest can do in the location during the different seasons. For instance, you can concentrate on skiing and other snow-related sports if the location receives snowfall in the winter. Likewise if during the period when it rains and is off-season period, write about how the location has much more to offer during the rainy season! Let readers know that it is especially beautiful during rains when nature flourishes and how it brings refreshment and romance. Also don’t forget to write about local festivals and seasonal markets to entice travelers.

2. Tariffs and dates: Make sure that you have updated the tariffs for your property. The beginning of the year is the best time to do so. You would like to have different peak-season and off-season rates. Appraise this fact to your holiday home rental company in which you are advertising. Also find out the long weekends for the year ahead and set the prices accordingly. Long weekends are ideally considered as peak-season too.

3. Work on the availability calendar: The holiday home rental website will give you an interface to mark the availability dates of your property. Make use of this! Ideally holidaymakers like to plan ahead, so keeping your availability calendar updated will help them decide quickly at the first go itself. By marking your calendar as available for the coming year or by keeping an up-to-date calendar you can also let holidaymakers know that you are ready to take advanced bookings.

4. Fitting images: After you have uploaded the images of the property, now upload images of the property during all the seasons that the location experiences. If you receive snowfall, upload images of your property with snow on the roof or images depicting the fun things one can do during that season. Also upload colorful images of local festivals and seasonal markets. Any traveler who is browsing for an accommodation will first look at the images before they go to read the description of your advertisement. So images play a very important role in the traveler’s decision-making. And never forget to give captions to your images. No one likes to guess what an image is all about.