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Seema Sreenivasan


Ideas to Utilize your Outdoor Space Better

When it comes to our homes, we mostly spend our time and money decorating, cleaning, and maintaining the interiors of our homes, while the...

Smart Ideas to Re-Paint your Home

A fresh paint job enlivens the interiors of a house and if you have a holiday home that you rent out to guests then...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – The Bathroom

Last week, we studied what does into designing a two-fixture bathroom. This week, let's look at three fixture bathrooms; both small and functional, and...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 7 – The Bathroom

This week, we'll look at space planning in the bathroom. The bathroom is perhaps the most technical area in the house - space is...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 6 – The Large Bedroom

Last week, we looked at small bedrooms; this week, we'll go large. Bedrooms are unique spaces in a house - they are the ultimate...

5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

For most home owners, maintaining or improving property values is important even if you aren’t thinking about selling right now. By refreshing the look...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 5 – The Bedroom

This week, we look at the space planning process for the bedroom. Bedroom space planning is complicated by two factors. Firstly, most of the...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 4 – The Dining Room

Last week, we looked at some of the essential constraints involved in designing a dining room. When a dining room is part of a...

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