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Seema Sreenivasan


The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 3: The Dining Room

This week, we look at the principles and constraints of space planning for a dining room. As a general rule, as the function of...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 2: The Living Room

Last week we looked at living room design principles. This week, we'll look at applying those principles to our home. We'll look at two...

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 1: The Living Room

The key to an attractive house is the way its spaces are laid out. However beautifully the interiors are furnished, if the layout of...

They do it with Mirrors – Part 2

In the last post, we saw how mirrors can be used as art, either to complement existing pieces of art, or as art works...

They do it with mirrors – Part 1

With apologies to Agatha Christie for the title, this week we'll look at how, in your homestay, mirrors can brighten up small spaces, create...

Using Moodboards to Plan your Homestay Interiors

Moodboards are collections of samples of all materials you plan to use in your interiors. The samples are small in size, and usually proportionate...

Styles of Interiors – Mediterranean

Every beach homestay or resort, it seems, has to use the word "Mediterranean" somewhere in their copy. While this usually refers to the interiors,...

Styles of Interiors – Retro

Last week, we looked at Modern (which is actually very old) and Contemporary styles of interior design. In this story, we'll look at a...

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