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Catering to Guests with Toddlers

There was a time when parents would eagerly wait for 4 to 5 years for their kids to grow up before they take a vacation. But not anymore! Parents today are traveling with toddlers and with many accommodations offering toddler-friendly homes, they no longer need to worry about their kid’s safety. While parenting and particularly taking care of toddlers is very stressful, parents love to take an occasional vacation which

Must-Have Beach Embellishments for your Holiday Home

If you have a beach property where guests come to enjoy a lazy vacation by the ocean, it always pays to keep a couple of beach accessories at your holiday home which they can use. Not only can you boast about these accessories in the description of your listing, you can actually charge them extra if you want to. Keeping some beach embellishments in your holiday home will also add

First Aid and Safety Measures at Your Holiday home

First Aid and Safety Measures at Your Holiday home

Holiday home safety measures

A large number of accidents occur in holiday homes mainly due to lack of knowledge, experience and skills.

Interestingly most of the property damages are actually due to accidents caused inside the property rather than from outside forces like burglars, etc. While we install the most advanced gadgets to protect our holiday homes from thieves when we are not in the house, damages are still recorded even when there are

Tips to Maintaining Your Holiday Home Outdoor Hot Tub

Outdoor hot tubWithout doubt an outdoor hot tub in your vacation rental can create quite a buzz amongst travelers wanting to rent a holiday home accommodation. Easy though it seems if not maintained properly, the hot tub can be the seed for negative reviews from guests.

In this article we will discuss how you can effectively maintain your hot tub and use it as a focal object to market your property.


Catering to the needs of a long-term renter of your Holiday home


Holiday home long-term renter

Holiday home owners need to recognize the fact that the needs of a long-term renter will be different from those of guests who stay for just a couple of days.

Although not a new trend, in the last couple of years we have seen a marked increase in travelers opting for longer vacations in the destinations of their choice. Good communication facilities and mobile & internet connectivity have made

Reasons Why Owners Receive Negative Reviews and How to do Away With These

Reasons Why Owners Receive Negative Reviews and How to do Away With These


Negative holiday home reviewNegative reviews not only give a bad impression of the owner, but also on the property and can have long-term effects on one’s vacation rental business. Keeping aside a couple of over complaining guests, most guests post negative reviews due to genuine mistakes – knowingly or unknowingly committed by owners.

In our earlier article we have already discussed what one should do when a guest posts a negative review

Guestroom Electronics – Guest Services

Hotel guestrooms are increasingly becoming packed with electronics. Apart from the AV suite and internet/telephony, guestrooms have electronics for air-conditioning, safes, minibars, alarm radios and so on. All these add complexity and need careful management. In this article, we look at each in detail and see what the best strategies are for deployed each of these.

Air Conditioning

Holiday home air conditioningMost places in India require cooling for at least a part of

When and How Should You Refurnish Your Vacation Rental Property

Holiday home refurnishingLike any hospitality player, maintenance of your vacation rental property is very important to ensure that you not only create a good impression amongst travelers looking for accommodations online, but also get good reviews and referrals from guests who have stayed with you. There have been several instances where the images in one’s online rental ad are those taken when the property was newly furnished, but the current state of

Property Clinic: Well-Designed Spaces Need Few Accessories and Little Furniture

Most homestay owners buy a property for use as a homestay. Others let out rooms in their existing properties. Very few have the luxury of building a new property that they plan to run as a homestay. In that ideal situation, good architecture can ensure that very little is required as interior enhancement.

A good example of this is this island property off the shores of Karnataka. As if

Putting Things Away – the Kitchen and Bathroom edition

This week, we’ll explore storage options in the kitchen and in bathrooms, in the context of homestays. When you have a kitchen that’s meant to be used by your guests, you would obviously be expected to provide an adequate supply of crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils. We’ve covered the list of essential kitchen utensils previously, but here our focus is on storage.

A homestay kitchen has to take into account

Putting Things Away – Making a Storage Plan for Your Homestay

While writing property clinic stories over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that I repeatedly commented on tidying up rooms before taking photographs. While in our homes, we have the luxury of a little untidiness, as a homestay we don’t – just as we expect a hotel we stay in to be neat to a fault, the space we offer to our guests have to be obsessively tidy.

Giving Special Touches to Your Holiday Home to Surprise Guests

Everybody loves surprises. Remember the surprise birthday party that your friends arranged when you thought that they had all forgotten. And what about vacation you had thought would be an average one turned out to be the most exciting when you bumped into some of your old friends. The same goes to guests coming to stay in your vacation rental. Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to arrange for

The Holiday Home Times guide to beds – Part 2

The Holiday Home Times guide to beds – Part 2

Making a bed:

Last time, we looked at the various components that make up a bed. This week we look at the art of making a bed.

Making a bed involves two sheets, pillowcases, and the counterpane. Luxury hotels often use additional bed dressing.

1. The bottom sheet:

The bottom sheet is what covers the mattress or the mattress protector, if you have one. Do get a mattress protector –

Preparing your holiday home for back-to-back rentals

Preparing your holiday home for back-to-back rentals

Holiday home changeover

The key to satisfied guests is to ensure that they enter a clean holiday home.

In case of back to back rentals, preparing your holiday home requires some forward planning than just on the day of arrival of the new guests. You will not be at the property to oversee the cleaning of the house, so you need to give specific instructions to your cleaning person or your caretaker. Here

Creating a simple checklist for your holiday home cleaning person

Creating a simple checklist for your holiday home cleaning person

Holiday home cleaning tips

As the owner you should also advice the cleaning person to make his own assessment of the cleaning required given a particular situation.

It is very important that when guests come to stay in your property, they enter a clean and organized home.  After a long tiring journey entering a dirty or dusty home is the least that’s in the mind of guests.

It is a fact that if spotless

6 Tips to give your holiday home caretaker

Caretaker etiquette

The caretaker must be advised to maintain certain etiquette while interacting with guests.

It is not uncommon for a holiday home to have a caretaker stationed at the property to look after the daily affairs of the property. There are many issues which the caretaker needs to handle, from handing over the keys to guests, to cleaning the property, to taking occasional requests from guests, and many more. The quality

Stocking your holiday home kitchen for guests

Are you trying too hard to keep your guest happy? You can tell a place has hospitable and fun owners by their kitchen stock.

Guests follow their instinct and walk into your kitchen and what do they find? Well! What they want or like is different, choices are varied. Is it possible to please all on a taxing budget? Stocking your pantry can get a little complicated if not prepared.

Easy ways to add value to your holiday home

Holiday home owner tips

Holiday home owners should remember that guests will always want to stay in a nice, convenient and secured property.

Have you thought of increasing the value of your holiday home by making certain improvements? If so, then the first tip is that home improvements must be carried out according to the value of the property and its location. As a homeowner you must not get carried away when making improvements.

Holiday home rental process – handing over keys to guests

Handing over keys to guests

It is very important that you find a way to hand over the keys of your holiday home to your guests without any hassles.

Now that you are ready to receive guests for your holiday home, you need to find a way to hand over the keys. If you have a caretaker in place or if you have taken the services of a property management company then it takes care

Effective management of your holiday home staff

Holiday home staff management

Your holiday home staff can be a huge asset to you, as they can save you time, frustration and at times prevent financial losses.

Since you have decided to manage the holiday home yourself, you will need to avail the services of a support staff who will help you in the various tasks involved in running the property efficiently and safely. Before you start your holiday home rental business, there