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Tips while designing the floor plan for your holiday home

Tips while designing the floor plan for your holiday home

Continuing with our series where we are reaching out to those who are in the process of building their Holiday Home, I felt another article was needed on the things to keep in mind when designing the floor plan or layout of the home.

Firstly I assume that the reason you are reading this blog is that you are not just interested in a holiday home which is a white

Five Golden Rules of Home Renovation Only we will Tell you

Home renovation

Home renovation is an exciting experience as you set out to realize your ideas and plans for your home; as long as you take the necessary time to explore the possibilities for your home and develop a firm plan that paves the road for a smooth process from beginning to end

So, you have moved in to your new house and you must be dying to change everything you see – Our Review on this Online Room Design Application

FloorplannerLast month I have been working closely with an architect to get the floorplans of the building I’m about to work on. Everything came out fine. But I wanted something more. I wanted to see if the room plans were good enough to accommodate my furniture. Plus I wanted a 3D design – it’s just so appealing to the eyes and creates a good impression when you show someone how

Setting up Your Living Room – Choosing the Right Sofa and Accessorizing with Benches and Coffee Tables


The living room which is today considered as a family room no longer holds the formal touch it used to in the earlier days, and thus is more relaxed now. Unlike the yesteryears when the living room was the formal extension of its counterpart – the dining room. As the name shifts from ‘drawing room’ to ‘living room’ this space which opens up to our guests has seen a gradual

Trend Spotting: Using the 80/20 Rule


We often get queried as to how much color do you need to use in order to have any space looking nice while not assaulting the senses. The simplest rule to always fall back on is the 80/20 rule. This is one of the universal design rules and is used not just for interior design but for a lot of areas that play on the visual senses – a good

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 9 – The Kitchen

Minimum Counter Frontage for Combined Work Centres

This week, we look at kitchens – how the spaces in your dream kitchen should be planned.

Planning a kitchen is all about ergonomics. If you are an enthusiastic cook, you’ll know exactly what you need, and the kitchen can be designed specifically for you. This means that counter heights, storage heights and so on will be designed for you, but may not be comfortable for others. If your kitchen

Great Storage Ideas to Reduce Clutter of your Home

It won’t be wrong to say that at one point of time we always end up with too much of stuff in our homes with no space to store them. While, disposing the unwanted can be the best way forward, there will be certain things in the house will are not used  daily, but are still of value and may find usage once in a while – you just can’t

Your Guide to Buying the Right Bedsheet


View of a Stoa Paris Bedsheet set (King Size) available at

Here is a checklist of all the things that you have to keep in mind while buying a bedsheet. Some of course are the obvious, but you would never have considered before:

Material: The popular material used in making a bedsheet is cotton. Also, there are bedsheets of cotton blend and others. But, most people prefer

Ideas to Utilize your Outdoor Space Better

Ideas to Utilize your Outdoor Space Better

When it comes to our homes, we mostly spend our time and money decorating, cleaning, and maintaining the interiors of our homes, while the exterior living spaces, if not completely overlooked,  are definitely underutilized. Most homes have some type of outdoor space that can be used for rest, relaxation, or recreation. This space can vary in size from something as small as a balcony in an apartment, to a small

Smart Ideas to Re-Paint your Home

House-paintingA fresh paint job enlivens the interiors of a house and if you have a holiday home that you rent out to guests then what better time can it be than now to initiate your home painting project just before the peak season. Having said that picking the right color or a combination of colors and figuring out where best to put it and how much to use can prove

The Secret Science of Space Planning – The Bathroom

Last week, we studied what does into designing a two-fixture bathroom. This week, let’s look at three fixture bathrooms; both small and functional, and large and luxurious.

The key design constraints remain the same – separate the wet and dry areas, ensure that there’s enough circulation space for comfort, and ensure safety.

Three-fixtures –  WC, Wash Basin & Shower

Our first plan is typically used either as a guest bathroom,

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 7 – The Bathroom

This week, we’ll look at space planning in the bathroom. The bathroom is perhaps the most technical area in the house – space is limited compared to other rooms, and there are plumbing fixtures that need specific clearances and a defined pattern of placement for convenience.

The essential fixtures a bathroom should accommodate are a water closet, a washbasin and a shower. If space permits, a bathtub is desirable, but

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 6 – The Large Bedroom

Last week, we looked at small bedrooms; this week, we’ll go large. Bedrooms are unique spaces in a house – they are the ultimate private space. And the ultimate luxury a home can offer.

When we plan the space for a large bedroom, we should first ensure that the room has some place to sit other than the bed. At the very least, a comfortable lounging chair with an ottoman.

5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Walk-In WardrobeFor most home owners, maintaining or improving property values is important even if you aren’t thinking about selling right now. By refreshing the look of your property, you can improve the capital value of your investment and also potentially increase your rental returns. If you have ever wondered why two homes that are quite similar sell for very different prices, the answer could be in the small details. We show

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 5 – The Bedroom

This week, we look at the space planning process for the bedroom. Bedroom space planning is complicated by two factors. Firstly, most of the floor area is covered by furniture, especially in smaller bedrooms. Secondly, windows and doors account for a significant proportion of the wall and partition space. We’ll examine these issues in detail and see how they affect the space planning process.

The recommended minimum sizes for bedrooms

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 4 – The Dining Room

Last week, we looked at some of the essential constraints involved in designing a dining room. When a dining room is part of a bigger living room, the dynamics are slightly different. As the dining area is visible from the living area, the two spaces have to work together and look attractive, yet be suitable for the core functions. In this story, we’ll look at how we approach such spaces.

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 3: The Dining Room

This week, we look at the principles and constraints of space planning for a dining room. As a general rule, as the function of a room gets more specific, so do the design guidelines. Unlike the living room, or even the bedroom, the dining room has one function only, and so the ergonomic guidelines are very specific.

Every living unit has to have an area for dining. This may be

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 2: The Living Room

Last week we looked at living room design principles. This week, we’ll look at applying those principles to our home. We’ll look at two options with shop-bought furniture, and one with bespoke furniture.

The classical layout with a 3+1+1 sofa set:

Space Planning for a 3+1+1 sofa set

Space Planning for a 3+1+1 sofa set

In this layout, the wall on the left becomes the focal wall. Your treatment of this wall sets the tone for the

The Secret Science of Space Planning – Part 1: The Living Room

The key to an attractive house is the way its spaces are laid out. However beautifully the interiors are furnished, if the layout of rooms is not well thought through, the house will always seem lacking. So how do designers know what to do and what not to do when planning spaces? Though experience and study, there are some essential guidelines that, if followed when you plan your house, will

They do it with Mirrors – Part 2

In the last post, we saw how mirrors can be used as art, either to complement existing pieces of art, or as art works themselves. In this story, we’ll see what are the other things you can do with mirrors in your homestay.

Transform Furniture

The amount of impact elements of interior design have on a room is related to the surface area they present visually. Next to the flooring,