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Choosing the right furniture for your holiday home

Decorating your holiday home with the right type of furniture is costly and time-consuming as well. But at the same time, it is rewarding as the right set of furniture can create a perfect ambience for your travelers.

Selecting the right furniture requires proper planning. You have to consider many factors like your needs, lifestyle of your visitors, existing decoration theme of your holiday home, furniture colors-textures-patterns, and importantly, your Read the rest “Choosing the right furniture for your holiday home”

Lighting up your holiday home

A home is like a stage; with appropriate lighting, you can transform it into an entirely different place altogether

Planning the lighting in your holiday home is not daunting but not particularly easy either since the owner has to take into account many factors like a room’s design, user requirements, levels of light expected, energy efficiency and so on. 

To start with, keep in mind that each and every room Read the rest “Lighting up your holiday home”

Effective maintenance of your holiday home when vacant

Owning a holiday home is always a matter of pride. But maintain it poorly and it will weigh you down. Make sure your home is always clean and well-protected.

Holiday home owners tend to lock the doors and go away until they arrive next time. However this time between visits is an excellent opportunity to tighten all loose ends like repairing fittings, servicing doors and window locks, replacing tiles or Read the rest “Effective maintenance of your holiday home when vacant”

Holiday home key-holding services

Owning a holiday home is always like a dream coming true. But it can soon be a lurid nightmare for the owners, particularly for those who do not intend to reside there or nearby. Besides ensuring safety and keeping the property damage-free, there are a lot of maintenance issues which you have to deal with, unless you hire a key-holder or take the services of a key-holding company. While in Read the rest “Holiday home key-holding services”

Securing your holiday home with the best security system

Vikram Atwal, Director at VySecure Pvt. Ltd, a company offering complete security solutions to home owners, speaks to Holiday Home Times on why a holiday home owner must install a security system in his home.

Excerpts of the interview…

Please tell us something about your company, VYSecure.
Vikram Atwal: We at VySecure are neutral to vendors, manufacturers, and technologies. Instead we are customer-centric, which means we understand the requirements of Read the rest “Securing your holiday home with the best security system”

Certain facts about your holiday home swimming pool

“Home owners usually have this misconception that having a swimming pool in one’s home amounts to wastage of water,” says Vivek Mishra, proprietor of Premium Pools and an active member of the Indian Plumbing Association. “On the contrary, a holiday home owner can construct a swimming pool and with a little intelligence can conserve a lot of water,” Mishra says, in an exclusive interview to Holiday Home Times.

“Apart Read the rest “Certain facts about your holiday home swimming pool”

‘Holiday home owners can benefit from solar water heaters’

Solar water heater

In an exclusive interview to Holiday Home Times, Mr Nitin Gupta, Solar Thermal Head (North) at Tata BP Solar India Ltd, says that holiday home owners can benefit immensely by installing solar water heaters in their vacation homes.

Excerpts of the interview…

Kindly explain in brief what solar water heaters are all about.
Nitin Gupta: Solar water heaters are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for one’s home. Read the rest “‘Holiday home owners can benefit from solar water heaters’”

Home of your own in Gurgaon near Delhi

Dinesh Bharat who has a home with 3 rooms for guests in Delhi’s NCR area of Gurgaon, tells Holiday Home Times why guests love his home and why the presence of premium hotels in the vicinity of his home doesn’t bother him!

Excerpts of the interview…

Tell us about your homestay/ holiday home.
Dinesh Bharat: Our homestay is located in Gurgaon, just South west of Delhi and very close to Read the rest “Home of your own in Gurgaon near Delhi”

Artistic and exquisite – create your holiday home bathroom

A modern bathroom in holiday homes

Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance! King George V would not have said this if he saw most of the boring holiday home bathrooms with the owners hardly paying any attention to interior design, technical fitness, maintenance, and cleanliness. Ugly tiles, slippery floors, dull paint, no natural light – who would want to visit a bathroom like this for a second time?

These days, people expect Read the rest “Artistic and exquisite – create your holiday home bathroom”

Flexible housekeeping best suited for your holiday home

Good, reliable and flexible housekeeping services are the lifeline of a holiday home. Housekeepers are the eyes and ears on the ground, and therefore, an invaluable asset to any holiday home owner. So, as a holiday home owner, it requires to be thorough while recruiting them.

1- Flexibility during odd hours: This is a key concern area. In general, we go ahead with an understanding that housekeepers will arrive on Read the rest “Flexible housekeeping best suited for your holiday home”

Property photography – tips for holiday home owners

Photographs of your holiday home give the first impression to your prospective guest – they can either intrigue him enough to send an enquiry and make a booking or just as easily turn him away.

Unlike products which can be physically seen and experienced before making a purchase, a holiday home can be viewed only through photographs so it is of paramount importance to get the first impression right.  Sometimes, Read the rest “Property photography – tips for holiday home owners”

Preparing the holiday home for weekenders

Weekends are a time of relaxation and social gatherings, filled with parties, celebrations and other events. For holiday home owners, in contrast, these are the days to welcome guests looking for a short and enjoyable break.

Holiday home owners need to be realistic about plans and programs for the weekend. Here are some guidelines to host successful weekend breaks for your guests:

1. Register the number of people or bookings Read the rest “Preparing the holiday home for weekenders”

Ensure a pest-free holiday home

Mosquito free holiday home

Some ways to ensure a mosquito-free holiday home

Come June, and the monsoon sets in, with lush foliage, the heady fragrance of earth and a freshness typical of this season. Travelers look forward to rain holidays, trekking opportunities and then returning home to hot snacks and freshly-brewed mugs of tea.

Unfortunately in this season, along with holidaymakers, comes another set of uninvited but also eager visitors – mosquitoes.  

Gardens and Read the rest “Ensure a pest-free holiday home”

Reasons why a vacation home is far better than a hotel!

A vacation is a special time of the year which every family looks forward to. Whether it is about choosing to relax, explore new destinations or discovering different cuisine, every family member choose to share the emotions with her/ his friends and family. While planning one’s vacation is an exciting part of the whole experience, the cost of paying for individual hotel rooms can take a toll on one’s bank … Read the rest “Reasons why a vacation home is far better than a hotel!”

Tourists can now expect more from Uttarakhand

A recent media report has said that Uttarakhand, the country’s only hilly state in the top 10 list in terms of tourist arrivals, is planning big to improve its ranking. The report published in today’s issue of the Business Standard, a reputed business daily of India, says that the state is now considering new stretches for river rafting to promote adventure tourism and looking at support infrastructure through private partnership … Read the rest “Tourists can now expect more from Uttarakhand”

Some creature comforts I love – Gazebos

Hudson Ohio fall gazebo on the GreenImage by cmcbrown via Flickr

I love Gazebos – they are perfect for sitting outdoors with friends and family and for sipping wine in the candlelight. They are also a great place for breakfast as the sun rises or else for a barbeque (BBQ) in the afternoon with a chilled beer for company.

Today gazebo designs are available in the market in different styles and sizes to fit one’s needs Read the rest “Some creature comforts I love – Gazebos”