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Holiday Home Owner tips – Things to do before the Peak Season

Holiday Home Owner tips – Things to do before the Peak Season

The peak season is round the corner and it’s that time of the year when all holiday home owners need to gear up to deal with inquiries and to welcome guests. Easier said than done! Our past experiences show that while many owners have a packed calendar, there are many others who fail to garner a sizable number of inquiries, leave alone any bookings. Why? Invariably we all rely on

10 Top Searched Vacation Rental Amenities you must have

Holiday home amenities

The most important aspect, for a traveler, when choosing a vacation rental are the amenities available to them

From standard amenities, such as air conditioning, telephone, and washing machine to Jacuzzi, gazebos and barbeques (BBQ), travelers search a wide range of amenities before settling to book a holiday. Because of the wide array of amenities travelers look for, it is sometimes challenging for holiday home owners to know which amenities

In a first in Asia WMR Launches Complete Holiday Rental Management System & Channel Manager

Klik AsiaBangkok-based Web Marketing & Reservations Co., Ltd. (WMR) launched Klik, the region’s first comprehensive holiday rental management system with an integrated channel manager.

Combined with WMR’s current services –  marketing, consultancy, reservations – and with one of the largest holiday rental portfolios in Thailand – cloud-based Klik opens up a broad range of new opportunities to compete with the major players in the industry.

Launching Klik, Marc Ribail, managing director

Making a Map of Attractions near your Holiday Home in 10 Easy Steps

For travelers to book your holiday home it is important that you give them a sneak preview of the location with regard to the major attractions near your property which can keep them busy when they come there. Because a renter may be new to the location where your property is situated, knowing the places of interest can actually influence his decision-making to book your property.

So when you are

Tips on Responding to Positive Reviews on your Holiday Home

Holiday home positive review

Positive guest reviews are the holy grail of marketing. Isn’t it fantastic that instead of saying how good your holiday home is yourself, your customers are doing it for you!

Ideally it is the negative reviews that shake us up and we try to resolve the issues and write extensive emails to these negative reviewers on how you have taken care of the issues about your holiday home he had

Importance of Using TripVillas’ Location Info Fields while Listing your Holiday Home

TripVillas property listing map view

Based on your inputs, your property will displayed on the map

For a traveler who would be visiting a relatively unfamiliar location for a holiday, it is imperative that your holiday home listing conveys and gives a fair understanding of the area. There are two ways of achieving this – (i) Add a couple of sentences in your listing description that say something about the area where your property is

TripVillas’ Rate Manager – Helping Owners to Add Different Rental Rates

For owners of holiday homes, it is no doubt a strenuous task to cater to short-term guests or weekenders because it involves a lot of hands-on pre and post preparations of the property. The owner needs to hire a caretaker, a cook and a cleaning person or housekeeping, because almost all short-term guests taking a break from the busy city life want to be pampered like in a hotel. Thus

Using Wikivoyage to Improve your Vacation Rental’s SEO and Web Presence

Wikivoyage homepageIt’s really amazing how things change fast and for the better. Just a decade ago we were still flipping through the pages of an encyclopedia to hunt for the information we wanted. But then with Wikipedia things changed at a fast pace and even the 244-year-old Encyclopedia Britannica couldn’t compete with it as they published its last print edition in May 2012. Now Wikipedia has forayed into the travel industry

Review of FlipKey: Should your Vacation Rental Ad Dollars go here?

A screenshot of’s homepage

Before we go to our review on let us take a quick overview of which owns it.

For the last couple of years it has been a norm for me, like million others, that I check the reviews of the accommodations on TripAdvisor before booking one. And why not! TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel-review website and traveler reviews can really affect one’s

Review of – Is it Asia’s Answer to Airbnb?

Travelmob homepageSince its beginning in July last year, we have been getting a couple of queries from our readers, mostly holiday home owners asking us to have a look at the website review it from them, like we had done for many others. So today I will try to give an unbiased opinion of the website, which proclaims to be Asia’s answer to Airbnb.

Frankly being an owner of a holiday

Using and benefiting from TripVillas’ Newly Launched ‘Book Now’ Facility

Book Now Button

Print screen of how the BOOK NOW button will appear in your listing when enabled.

In case of the vacation rental booking instant booking is unheard of owing to the nature of the business which is many ways different from the hotel industry primarily the time required from when the traveler decides on an accommodation to the time he gets a confirmed booking. As such, owners lose several hundreds of

Tips to Preparing a New Year E-Greeting Card for Past Guests

As the New Year dawns before us, E-cards can a great way to not only wish your past guests, but also to remind and invite them to take another vacation at your property. You can personalize what you want to send and it is easy and free. Today E-cards have become an acceptable means of appreciating your previous guests at the end of the year for their patronage.

But first

Tips to Preparing and Marketing Your Home as a Luxury Property


Luxurious vacation rental

If you choose to market your vacation rental as luxury, travelers will definitely have certain expectations.

When we talk about a luxury vacation rental, what does a traveler expect? In our earlier articles we have already discussed about the various items that make a property a couple of notches above the rest. You can read our article on “Some ways to make your Holiday Home feel more like

Advanced SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to your Holiday Home Listing, Website

Holiday home link buildingFor vacation rental owners it is important that they implement certain advanced SEO techniques in their marketing campaign to ensure that their holiday home listing ad and their website is visible to a larger audience too. The logic is simple: More people will see your holiday home, better are your chances of getting more guests. Moreover most travelers search their accommodation using certain keywords on search engines like Google, Bing

Dealing with Multiple Traveler Inquiries for the Same Dates

This is the last thing you would want to happen and usually owners face this when there are long weekends or events/ festivals coming up at their location. As an owner you are unable to decide whom to rent out the property to – they all seem to be genuine inquirers and on the first screening seem fit for your property.

Holiday home inquiries

There will be certain periods of the year, when

Does Posting Multiple Ads of Same Property Help Holiday Home Owners?

In many vacation rental listing websites you must have noticed that the same holiday home/ homestay is listed many times. Owners ideally like to see their property ad on the first page of the search result page, so when their ad is pushed to the second or third page, they feel that posting it again will give them a place on the first page, which is of course totally wrong!

Tips to Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Listing Website to List Your Holiday Home

Tips to Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Listing Website to List Your Holiday Home

Holiday home listing

With a little bit of research, owners can get maximum benefits from his holiday home listing.

While there may be a many vacation rental websites, it is still a challenge for owners to decide on the best website to list his property, which can drive more traffic to his listing and subsequently more bookings. In many cases owners had listed their property in multiple websites, but still were unable to

Informing past guests about recent renovation/ home décor

Informing past guests about recent renovation/ home décor

Holiday home decor

Informing past guests about recent renovation of your vacation rental property is also a great way to show that you care about their feedback.

Because you will be renovating or changing your décor from time to time, it is imperative that you inform not only your past guests about these changes, but also travelers who could be your next guests. Informing your past guests about the recent renovation and changes

Importance of the ‘Things To Do’ Section on TripVillas’ Property Listing

Every section of your vacation home/ homestay listing has its own benefits and should be given equal importance. These sections have been added taking into consideration an average traveler’s behavior – the information he ideally look for in a particular listing. For instance if we look at TripVillas’ property listing page we will see that apart from the six components – the images, property description, amenities, availability calendar, map and

An interview with Nitin Mongia, the owner of a boutique villa in Alibaug, Maharashtra

Nitin MongiaNitin Mongia, world champion yachtsman and Arjuna Award Winner and owner of a Boutique Villa in Alibaug area of Maharashtra, speaks to Holiday Home Times in an exclusive interview about his property, his passion for food and his future plans.

The interview…

Please tell us something about your background – Personal and Professional.
I started working in the stock market whilst in my second of year of college essentially to