Presenting Salads With a Different Twist

Strawberry & ricotta salad – make your salads look interesting and colorful

Salads have become a basic and a must-have dish for any of the meals. Salads are not only easy to prepare but it is the presentation that should make even the non-salad eaters grab a bite. Salads can be had for all three meals – be it a fruit salad for breakfast or for dessert. A simple Indian style cucumber, onion and tomato salad presented well on a plate or bowl with chopped coriander or grated coconut with a lemon slice on the side can make it look presentable. Some amount of detailing with a little effort can make your guests asking for more. Like they say – looks does matter in this case 🙂

Some points to remember before you make your salad:

  • Select the fresh produce available to you; the greens should be green and the fruits should be ripe and not over ripe.
  • Clean your leaves, veggies or fruits properly before cutting. Don’t forget to pat dry the leaves or you could use a salad spinner instead, which will cost you somewhere between 600-1000/- INR
  • Be open to experiment with flavours and textures. Toasted nuts or caramelized nuts can add a crunch to your salads.
  • You can also add some chicken, seafood or red meat or hard boiled eggs for a one packed meal.
  • The veggies can also get their protein intake from adding tofu.
  • If you’re using prawns, always remember to de-vein and remember not to overcook.
  • Salads don’t have to always include leafy vegetables; shredded veggies also make a great combo.
  • Whatever ingredient you use, let one ingredient take the center-stage of your bowl or platter.
  • Always mix the salad dressing just before serving, unless specified in some special recipes.
  • Try not to drown the veggies in the dressing; you will only need to coat. You could serve the dressing separately for some extra helping.


Pear & arugula with balsamic dressing – presented like a sculpture salad and garnished with some cheese and caramelized nuts.
Avocado and bacon salad with tomato dressing – the dressing is drizzled over the plate rather than mixing all up! You could also serve some dressing separately on the side.
Caprese salad – doesn’t it look beautiful. Placed on a bed of finely chopped tomatoes. Notice the pepper flakes. Detailing!
Moroccan beet & potato salad – the chopped onions and green olives add an interesting shade.

Salads are a vast topic and the best thing about salads is that it’s so easy to make. With a little inspiration and creativity you can  make some super yummy and good looking  salads!